Moscow Heat
Story Synopsis
A retired Diplomat and an NYPD Detective seeking justice, pursue a psychotic murderer to Moscow. When the Detective is wounded and the Diplomat is arrested, they are assigned to be deported by a Russian Police Captain, who becomes an unlikely accomplice in exacting their revenge on an international black market nuclear arms dealer.
Are My Blinkers Showing?  
Adventures in Filmmaking in the New Russia.
During the filming of Moscow Heat Michael York wrote a novel about his experiences on set and on filming in the “The New Russia”.  

Detailed and humorous descriptions about everything that went on during filming and his experience working with Jeff and the rest of the cast and crew make for a very entertaining account of filmmaking in Russia.  So if you like reading here’s something you might enjoy. Available for sale at or Borders Bookstores. 

The unlikely and very funny tale of a world-famous actor making an action movie in today’s go-go capitalist Russia, Are My Blinkers Showing? is a deliciously readable insider’s account of filmmaking. There’s much about the actor’s craft, about the new Russia, and cross-cultural communication.
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Michael York, Alexander Nevsky, Adrian Paul, Richard Tyson, Joanna Pacula
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