LOS ANGELES TIMES REVIEW – Director Jeff Celentano keeps things moving at a decent clip and squeezes a fair amount of tension from Vincent Campanella's script…   It's also a good-looking film, fluidly shot by Emmanuel Vouniozos, which makes vivid use of its New York-area locations. … a gritty, sometimes nasty, mostly absorbing potboiler.

HOLLYWOOD REPORTER REVIEW - Director Jeff Celentano infuses the proceedings with the requisite grittiness.  …He has elicited a strong performance from Rhymes, who is more than convincing as the ruthless, hard-swearing hood.

LA WEEKLY/VILLAGE VOICE REVIEW - Breaking Point never steps wrong…    Anonymously gritty New York drama about Steven Luisi  (Tom Berenger), a disgraced former assistant district attorney and recovering addict seeking redemption by defending an accused murderer.  …Busta’s performance is convincingly scummy —all of 50 Cents future gangster roles should be reassigned to Rhymes.
NEW YORK TIMES REVIEW – A brutal, attention-grabbing start, Busta Rhymes is scarily convincing….

VIDEO BUISNESS MAGAZINE REVIEW -  Reminiscent of True Believer and Night Falls on Manhattan, Breaking Point is all about redemption. The location work is appropriately gritty, and director Jeff Celentano (Gunshy) keeps producer/screenwriter Vincent Campanella’s action-accented story moving. Frankie Faison and Armand Assante lend solid support.


Drugs, murder, gangsters and a mystery. This movie stars Tom Berenger as defense attorney Steven Luisi. His client was just released from prison and is now arrested for a double homicide he didn't commit. Steven has to solve the case and overcome his own problems in the process. He does a good job portraying a down and out man with a past drug problem and a family tragedy. No one thinks he can do any good. Busta Rhymes stars as Bowen, a violent drug dealer who really committed the murders. Will he get away with it, and who is really behind him calling the shots? With the help of a gang member, Steven will have to get to the bottom of everything, even though the system is against him. Overall it was a good movie. A lot of action, and not many slow points in the movie. It is a bit violent, which I guess you would expect from a crime/gangster movie. The story line is simple and easy to follow. I thought the casting was good for the movie and the acting was well done. Worth a watch if you like a lawyer movie with crime, violence, and a mystery.
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April 7, 2011